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Wednesday, May 04 2016
​Dear Neighbors -
I wanted give you an update after the HOA Board of Directors met to discuss the status of the park.
The park is closed at this point and arrangements are being made to get bids to secure the entrance temporarily until it's safe for use and then permanently to prevent access by unauthorized vehicles.
Bids are being obtained for repairs to the path and cleanup of debris.
A longer term project will be to obtain an engineering review of the erosion problem (to the right side of the creek where the path splits at the second bridge from the entrance).  Input and questions are always welcome.
 Arrangements are being made to provide a copy of the DCCR (neighborhood covenants) to each property owner to be sure everyone is aware of the requirements for:
fence construction, maintenance, mowing and upkeep of your property.
Notices of necessary maintenance or repairs will be sent and enforcement actions taken as appropriate (of course understanding weather and ground conditions).
Again, if anyone has questions, concerns or problems in complying, please contact CIA or a Board member.
Thank you 
Katy Spell
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Thursday, March 10 2016

Dear RPR Neighbors –

My name is Katy Spell, a resident of RPR for over 12 years. I have recently volunteered to be the neighborhood communication contact.  On behalf of the new RPR board and CIA services I would like to update you on some of the happenings in our community. When I began working on this letter to you it seemed that it would be much shorter, however, as ideas and information have come to mind while writing, it is much longer than I originally expected, thank you for reading it…

We want RPR to be its best!  There are many changes happening in and around Magnolia which will affect our “little neck of the woods”.  This is not the River Park Ranch where my husband and I found a little piece of property in 2001.  Old Hempstead Road was a dead end.  There were only a few houses scattered throughout Ruel Sanders’ 500 acre cattle ranch.  If you saw traffic on Old Hempstead Road you knew that it had to be someone who lived here.  It was very dark at night and in the mornings you didn’t hear anything except the birds.  Deer would cross through my pasture every morning and there were a lot more trees.  Well as time marches on, and it does, things have changed.  Old Hempstead Road and Ruel Road are now major thoroughfares from 1774 to 1488.  There are more than 200 houses and more to come, down the road in River Park Country and Ranch Crest. Currently there are 165 lots in RPR, of those, 128 are built with currently 2 others under construction.  So now more than ever it is important that we all work together to keep our community beautiful to ensure our home values stay at the top of the market.

RPR Communication & NEXT-DOOR & Website-

When our neighborhood began it was easy to communicate, we saw each other often around the community, it was easier because there were not so many homes. It is now time to update how we pass along information. This is something that has been needed for quite some time.  As our community grows, knowing what is happening around us is very imp


I will be using Next-door to communicate information about RPR to all of our neighbors.  If you are already on Next-door great! If not, it is easy to sign up.

“ is the private social network for you, your neighbors and your community.

It's the easiest way for you and your neighbors to talk online and make all of your lives better in the real world. And it's free.” 

There is a RPR website which I have just recently obtained the log in information.  I will be updating the site and it will have very basic information on it.  For those of you who do not want to use Next-door I am creating a tab called “RPR BLOG”.  This is where I will post the same information that is posted to next door.

There is an app for next-door you can download to your phone or you can access via the internet on your computer. 

CIA services will also do an “email blast” where they will also send my blog to everyone’s email that they have on file.

2016 HOA BOARD - This is made up of 2 new members and 3 returning members.

Steve Taylor - President                      832-564-8008                

Jason Dannatt – Vice President           281-723-5215                

David Meyers - Director                     713-882-7544               

Tracy Porter - Director                        713-899-7851               

Beverly Points – Secretary/Treasurer 717-515-6832                 

Mitchell Holderrieth ACC                   832-628-0537               

We also have a ACC (architectural control committee)

Mitchell Holderrieth                            832-628-0537               

Katy Spell                                           281-543-6755               

Jeff Arnold                                                                                

Chris Gustafson                                                                        

Please reach out to any of these people at anytime with questions for issues that involve our community


The management company that RPR uses to help us run our community.  Our community manager is Brooke Gattis.  CIA Services helps with everything from organizing our trash pick up to collecting the home owner’s fees.  Through their website, RPR has a page dedicated for all of our neighborhood information, including forms that are needed when requesting approval for any type of work done on your property or home. RPR is governed by the use of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions document.  (DCCR)

There is an owner’s guideline available on the CIA website.  

Brooke Gattis - CIA Services 713-981-9000 ext. 214


Do you still owe your home owner’s dues? Unfortunately, there are neighbors in our community that do.  Did you know that if you are being hit with late fees all you have to do is call Brooke at CIA and she can set up a payment plan. RPR does have the authority to place a lien on your home if your dues are not paid.  Don’t let this happen to you…

Did you know that you can pay online? Just go to the CIA website, find our neighborhood and select pay assessments.

What do your dues do?  Homeowners dues pay for trash pick up, mowing the ditches, mowing the park, up keep to the park, taxes, legal help. I have attached a chart that shows exactly what your money is used for.


One of the services that CIA provides for our community is helping us keep up with any type of violations that may have occurred in our community.

This is done via a drive by.  A member of their team drives through RPR twice a month and views each property from inside the car from the road.

They will not approach anyone’s property at anytime.  If a violation is seen, such as mildew on a white, vinyl fence, trash in the yard, yard that needs to be mowed etc., a letter will be sent notifying the homeowner of this and how it needs to be taken care of.  Often times there are things that need time to repair.  It is ok! If you have an issue that needs to be resolved, don’t’ panic when you get a letter, call one of the board members to talk about it or call Brooke or customer service at CIA and a plan can be made.  Extensions are often given and most of the time these violations are easily remedied.  The worst thing that you can do is ignore the letters.  If this happens the process will continue, often resulting in the homeowner getting letters from the attorney that works with RPR.  So, don’t let something little turn into something big, take care of it by communicating with someone who can help. An example of the violations status report is below.

RPR Park

Yes, there is a beautiful park located in the middle of RPR.  The entrance is near the bridge on Park Meadow Pass.  This park was built by the developer Clay Signor approximately 15 years ago when RPR began.  It has a 1mile walking/jogging path and a large pond.

This is the status of our park…it is for all residents to enjoy, however, it doesn’t have a true parking lot and there is only access by foot.  This has been an issue since its creation.  Back in the early 2000’s RPR tried to purchase a small lot adjacent to the park for access, unfortunately that didn’t work out and it is what we have today. 

The board decided in 2015 that much needed maintenance needed to be done on the pathways and bridges.  This has been done and it is much improved.  At our last homeowners’ meeting in February it was voted in favor of adding more crushed granite to the path.  This has not been fully done since the park was built.

Feel free to drive there and park your car on the side of the road near the entrance if you would like and walk down and enjoy the pond and its surroundings.

No vehicles are allowed in the park, kids riding motorcycles or 4-wheelers on the street or park is not allowed.

PARK Committee -  It has been suggested that we create a park committee.  These would be folks that kind of “look after” the park.  Do small repair jobs and or organize work days for when things may need to be repaired.  If you would be interested in doing this, please contact me and give me your thoughts.  Right now there is a need for some bridge repair on the iron bridge near the spillway, the back part of the pond.  This is something that we as residents can probably do. 

I do hope that all of this has been helpful and please don’t hesitate to call me or email me with any questions, suggestions or concerns.


Katy Spell

34431 Old Hempstead Road

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