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Wednesday, August 24 2016

Hello RPR Neighbors - 8.24.16

As Steve had said previously in another note to the community there was a great turn out at the meeting on Monday night. Here is a followup to things that were discussed. 

Thank you in advance for reading... 

FFA & 4-H Animal Projects - 

With the beginning of the school year and many of our students are considering the possibility of participating in 4H or FAA
 projects to raise animals, we wanted to provide guidance about these projects in accordance with the provisions of Section 3.16 of the DCCR. 
Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year any student wishing to have an animal project with FFA or 4H 
must obtain a participation letter/form from their supervising teacher and or leader identifying the type of animal(s) to be raised. The term/length of the project needs to be stated as well as the leaders/teacher signature and what group/school your child is with. This needs to be submitted to the board. 
This is a new policy that RPR is implementing due to the growth of our neighborhood and to bring our HOA up to modern day standards within associations.  
This letter MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO ANY ANIMAL PROJECT is started on your property.  
The letter may be submitted by mail or using the online "Contact Us" portion of the CIA website. ( A student may raise 3 animals during the period of the school project. 
You may also drop it by my house at 34431 Old Hempstead Road if you do not want to email it and I will send it to CIA for you. 

AT&T Internet Service - Dave Meyers is heading up our efforts to explore internet options for our community. Robin Wright has volunteered to work with him and we'd welcome any one else who's interested. This address has been obtained and has been determined to be the best way to contact the powers that be at AT&T. The more people who can write to them the better. 
AT&T Executive Office 
308 S. Akard 
Suite 1110C8 
Dallas, TX 75202 

Pond Repairs - Earlier this year, we'd just completed extensive (and expensive!) path repairs - then the spring floods hit and washed out many of the paths and banks of the pond and creek. We've been meeting with engineers to obtain design information as to how we can correct drainage, water flow and erosion problems. After the designs are submitted, we'll ask several contractors to provide proposals for implementing the designs. This will be a long, involved, very costly process and will almost certainly require a loan, extensive use of our existing reserve and/or special assessment. Rhonda Gufastson and Daniel Reynoso have agreed to help us with this project. Volunteers are always welcome to help out, so if this project sounds like something you would like to do, please contact Rhonda or Daniel. As information is obtained it will be shared with all of you. 

DCCR Changes and Clarifications - Steve Taylor and Dan Stevens will be working to update and provide clarification of our DCCR. A copy of the DCCR is available either on the CIA website ( or the River Park Ranch website ( We'll be letting you know of any proposed changes and welcome your input. Please contact Steve or Dan or Mitch Holderreith, chairman of the ACC, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or would like to be involved in review of the documents. 

Maintenance Contract - Jason Dannatt is coordinating review of proposals from four vendors for the two-year landscaping/maintenance contract for the community. The current contract runs through December but can be terminated upon 30-days notice if we enter into a new contract in the near future. 

Reminder: please be sure to submit any requests for improvements to your property (including painting, fences, construction of any building or changes to existing buildings) for review by our Architectural Control Committee. Requests must be submitted before any work is performed and may be submitted online through the CIA website. Forms for the various types of requests are available under the "Forms" section. ( 

Our next Board meetings are tentatively scheduled for October 3 and December 5, 2016 at Magnolia's First Baptist Church. 
As I am out and about meeting new residents several people have asked me if RPR ever does any kind of neighborhood socializing...When I first moved here in '03 it was such a small little place that we all kind of just new each other...we had a few get togethers, but as time has gone by these have become few and far between. Since so many new people have moved into RPR it is time for before the OCT 3rd meeting we will have a "MEET AND GREET" at 6PM. 
If you would like to stay for the meeting at 7pm you can.  

We live in one of the nicest places around! 
Blessings everyone - 
and the RPR Board

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