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Magnolia TX
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Wednesday, May 04 2016
​Dear Neighbors -
I wanted give you an update after the HOA Board of Directors met to discuss the status of the park.
The park is closed at this point and arrangements are being made to get bids to secure the entrance temporarily until it's safe for use and then permanently to prevent access by unauthorized vehicles.
Bids are being obtained for repairs to the path and cleanup of debris.
A longer term project will be to obtain an engineering review of the erosion problem (to the right side of the creek where the path splits at the second bridge from the entrance).  Input and questions are always welcome.
 Arrangements are being made to provide a copy of the DCCR (neighborhood covenants) to each property owner to be sure everyone is aware of the requirements for:
fence construction, maintenance, mowing and upkeep of your property.
Notices of necessary maintenance or repairs will be sent and enforcement actions taken as appropriate (of course understanding weather and ground conditions).
Again, if anyone has questions, concerns or problems in complying, please contact CIA or a Board member.
Thank you 
Katy Spell
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