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Magnolia TX
Property improvements require ACC approval (fences, gates, outbuildings, etc.)
 When is the next Property Owners meeting?
Meetings are required provide no less then a 10 day notice of date,time, and location provided to all homeowners. All upcoming meetings will be posted on   back to top

 Can I attend Board of Directors monthly meeting?
Yes Beginning with the January 12, 2012, meeting all association board meetings will open to attendance by interested members. Please click on the 'Community Info' tab for the next listed meeting information.   back to top

 When are our Association fee due?
Maintenance fee is currently $550.00 ***Due in full January 31*** LATE FEE WILL APPLY!!! Payment will be made online this year through our management company PMG - see home page for contact information  back to top

 Who do I contact about deed restriction violations?
You can discuss with a board member or call PMG services   back to top

 Can I speak to the Board of Directors regarding a violation?
Absolutely. We encourage discussion, contact any board member directly - names are listed on the home page  back to top

 How long do I have to correct a violation?
This can vary, but under normal circumstance 30 days. The letter sent to you will have the time needed to correct the violation. Upon completion, please use the link to inform the Management Company  back to top

 Do I need to contact Architectual Controls Committee to build a fence?
Yes. Mitchell Holderrith the RPR ACC director can also be reached by cell or email all information is on the contact page of this website  back to top

 Who do I contact for my construction refund?
You will need to work with your ACC Representative to ensure your property meets the guidelines. When the building process is complete and it is confirmed that all guidelines are met, the deposit will be returned to the home owner.  back to top

 Is a frontage fence required?
No. However, if you choose to install a frontage fence it must be white vinyl. Again, please contact an ACC Representative.  back to top

 What size culverts are required?
The roads and ditches are maintained by the County. Please work with them to ensure you have the most up to date information. Montgomery County phone #281-259-6492  back to top

 Is it necessary to have a brick or stone mail box?
Yes. Use the resource page to look at the complete set of guidelines.  back to top

 I thought a two car garage was required in RPR. Why do I see some homes without?
Some of the earlier properties had special exemptions granted to them by the developer.  back to top

 What are the mowing requirements for a vacant lot?
Once your lot has been mowed the first time, it will need to be maintained just as if you home was in place.  back to top

 How many horses allowed per acre?
One per acre.   back to top

 Is there any restrictions on un-leashed animals?
Yes. The County requires all domesticated animals to be leashed if not confined.  back to top

 Are we allowed to boat or fish the pond on Bar R?
The pond located on Bar R is privately owned. The properties that surround this pond physically extend into the entire pond. We suggest permission from its owners.  back to top

 Who handles the local sanitation service?
Town & Country Services 936-445-1111   back to top

 Who do I contact for information on any burn-bans in effect?
Please call the Fire Marshalls office @ 936-538-8288.  back to top

Garbage Service FAQ
  • Who will be providing our subdivision garbage service?
    Town & Country Services will provide service starting July 3, 2010.  back to top

  • What day of the week will the trash service pick-up?
    Friday  back to top

  • Will the garbage service pick-up on holidays?
    Holiday garbage service will be posted on this web site and Town & Country's site.  back to top

  • Do I need to contact Town & Country for the new service?
    No, the Association has provided all address to Town & Country for pick-up starting July 3rd. If you have service with another provider, it is advised you cancel your existing service as of June 30, 2010.  back to top

  • Do I have to use the new garbage service?
    No, you are not required to use the subdivision service. Please be advised it is a violation to burn or discard household trash inappropriately.  back to top

  • What is the charge for this service to each user?
    There is no individual charge to each user for this service. The POA has contracted for this service on behalf of the subdivision and will pay all monthly fees per a competitively bid contract. Property owners will not be required to have individual contracts with the service provider. The service provider selected to provide the subdivision-wide service is Town and Country who is currently used by several owners and has received good reviews on service, safety and professionalism compared to other service providers currently used within RPR.  back to top

  • Will the yearly POA dues increase for this service?
    The Annual Maintenance Fee for 2009 has not increased. The 2010 Maintenance Fee will increase to cover the cost increases in general maintenance of the subdivision as well as to provide this service. Through the bidding process, the POA was able to negotiate a group rate that will result in an annual savings to each owner of up to $100 per year over current trash services being used in RPR. In addition, the single source service allows the POA to address owner concerns about the safety issue inherent with several of the existing services used throughout the subdivision as well as the appearance issues and DCCR compliance problems associated with having trash containers out on the street 4-5 days per week versus the once a week service that will begin in July. The full Annual Maintenance Fee will not begin in January, 2010.   back to top

  • If I opt not to use the POA garbage service, what effect will this have on my POA dues?
    Opting out of using the POA provided service will have no impact on the Annual Maintenance Fee for which you are billed. The trash service is being provided as part of the package of POA maintenance services currently provided (such as maintenance of ditches, community park, etc) for the subdivision. Owners who opt to not use the new trash service, may maintain their own service contract with a provider of their choice, but such service will be at their own cost which would be in addition to the published Annual Maintenance Fee paid by all POA members. All owners are encouraged to participate in the POA provided service to help manage the appearance and safety issues noted and to take advantage of the annual cost savings. However, the election not to do so is each owner's choice.   back to top

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