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River Park Ranch
Single Source Garbage Service - Bulletin
April 2009
In a continuing effort to improve the appearance of River Park Ranch and to address safety as well as DCCR concerns, a new single source, sub-division wide garbage service will be provided by the POA beginning on July 3, 2009.  The single source garbage service will help to improve safety throughout the subdivision by addressing the issue of trash containers being present on our streets on numerous days each week and will help to rectify ongoing DCCR violations where trash containers are left out over specified 24 hr period.  The new garbage service was presented in detail, at the 2009 Annual POA meeting in February.  If you were unable to attend the Annual meeting and would like to review in more detail the structuring of this new service and other aspects of the meeting, please contact the Management Company (IMC) for a copy of the meeting handouts or you may download it from the “Community Info” page on our web site.

 In preparation for transition to this new service, it is advised that arrangements be made to cancel service with your current provider to end as of June 30th. If you choose not to utilize the new POA provided service, no action will be required of you.

 Town & Country Services has been contracted through a competitive biding process to provide River Park Ranch a with once a week garbage service.  This service will also include by request only, bulk/heavy trash pick-up (appliances, furniture, etc). Garbage service will begin July 3rd and run on each Fridays thereafter. If a holiday falls on pick-up day, an alternate pick-up date will be provided with any other pertinent information for your convenience on RPR and T&C web sites. Large cart wheel containers can be purchased for a fee of $75 per container. These containers are not required but are available for your convenience (attached Cart Wheel Container Purchase Request form).  Town & Country is a reputable company that has received high marks from many current property owners. However, we would encourage property owners to provide the Board with feed back concerning their performance via web “contact page”. Our common “goal” is a clean and reliable garbage service.

As stated earlier, the implementation of a reliable single source garbage service will reduce trash container exposure to only one day a week thus adding to the attractiveness and value of our subdivision. The cost of the garbage service will be included as part of the annual maintenance fee paid by all owners within subdivision.  By using a single company the POA was able to secure reduced rates for garbage pick-up services.  Based on current rates from the various companies doing business in River Park Ranch, the new service will render a cost savings over current contracts ranging from $80 to $100 annually which should help in the current economic climate.

 Finally, log-on to and review the frequently asked questions (FAQ) that property owners have submitted related to the new garbage service or if you have any questions or concerns – just click on the “Contact Us” tab and let us know what‘s on your mind. If you haven’t done so yet, you need to register on the web site so that you can receive important communications bulletins such as this one via your email.
As we continue to improve our community we encourage your involvement, comments and concerns regarding this and any other matter.  Your board is committed to working with you the owners to make River Park Ranch the best place to live in Montgomery County.
River Park Ranch – POA
Board of Directors
May 2009
Dear River Park Ranch Property Owners:
Summer is here and along with the changes in weather, the new season is bringing some changes to POA activities as well. Your Board remains very active and continues to be focused on ensuring River Park Ranch remains a premier residential community.
Starting July 3, 2009, the subdivision will have its own, single source garbage service provided to owners as part of the annual maintenance package. You should have received by now a mailing that outlined the new service and gave you important information on the program. If you didn’t receive this mailing, please contact us via the “contact us” tab on the web site or contact IMC directly at 936-756-0032. 
In late May or early June, 2009, you will be receiving your invoice of the annual maintenance fee for the remaining months of the year. Starting in January, 2010, our billing cycle will be changed to a calendar year format (January through December) to be consistent with our other financial reporting requirements. In late November or early December, 2009, you will receive your invoice for the entire 2010 year fee. The full-year annual maintenance fee for River Park Ranch property owners is $550.00.   Your prompt attention to these invoices will be much appreciated as these payments fund all programs and services provided by your POA. As for last year, we collected 98% of all fees due and have legal action pending on all remaining outstanding accounts.
The enforcement program for DCCR violations continues to yield good results and hopefully you can see those results in the appearance of the subdivision. The Board would like to thank you for your compliance as through April, 2009, we have achieved nearly 90% compliance through your individual voluntary efforts. As with the annual maintenance fees, we have legal action pending on outstanding violations as outlined in the published enforcement process. Property owners are encouraged to finish clean-up of all hurricane related debris within the next 30 days. Starting in June, 2009, monthly enforcement surveys will include such debris clean-up and removal as required by the DCCR. Owners are cautioned to use good judgment and take all appropriate safety steps should they decide to burn this debris. Also, check with the County to ensure no burn restrictions exist.
We continue to receive complaints about the use of non-street legal motorized vehicles on the roads as well as in the common park area.   Property owners are reminded that there is a restriction on use of such vehicles (i.e. golf carts, utility vehicles, 3 and 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, etc) on all streets (County law), in the park area (DCCR requirement) and on private land other then the vehicles owner’s. Special concern is noted as it relates to the use of these vehicles by under aged minors in the areas noted. For all owners’ safety and that of the many minors living in River Park Ranch, everyone is requested to closely monitor and control the use of any such vehicles and to report any observed unauthorized use to the Board. 
For the months to come, several projects are being planned or considered.   Repair of the some of the park bridges will be completed and remaining storm debris removed via volunteer help later this month. Also, the main entrance fence will be cleaned and trash removed. There has been mention of holding a subdivision-wide garage sale but limited support has been identified for such an event. If you are interested in helping the volunteer efforts in the park and front gate, drop us a note via the “contact us” tab on the web site. Also, if you have any interest in supporting and / or helping organize a subdivision-wide garage sale, please let us know as well. 
All members of the POA are encouraged to get involved in the operation of River Park Ranch. You can do so by simply providing us feedback on what you like, what you don’t like, or what you would like to see in the community. Also, it’s not too early to start thinking about volunteering for a position on the Board or the ACC. In 2010 there will be at least three vacancies on your Board. It’s your community and your involvement is needed to continue to make River Park Ranch the great place to live that it is. Give it some thought!
As always, the Board appreciates your support and looks forward to continuing the progress made to date in the remaining months of 2009.
Your Board of Directors
Emergency Communication

September 2011


Montgomery County Emergency Communication District [Montgomery County 911] has recently initiated a local Emergency Notification System (ENS) to provide telephone messages to citizens during emergency situations.
  • What is an Emergency Notification System?  Emergency Notification Systems, or ENS, are systems to provide mass notification to residents in the event of an emergency. Montgomery County Emergency Communication District has chosen the CodeRED system.
  • What should I do if I receive a CodeRED message?  If you receive a CodeRED message, listen carefully. The message will be brief and not repeated. Follow the instructions given. You may be directed to a commercial TV or radio station for further information. Do not hang up until you have heard the entire message. You may miss important information. Do not call 9-1-1 for further information unless directed to do so. You will only tie up the emergency lines.
  • What does a CodeRED message sound like?  It is a true recorded message and not computer generated. The message will always begin with a statement that "This is the Fire Department of, Police Department of, Hospital District of or City Administration of." They will then state if the call is an emergency or non-emergency situation. The text of the message and further instructions will follow. The messages will generally be brief and if further instructions are necessary, you may be directed to turn to a commercial radio or TV station.
  • How does CodeRED work?  CodeRED is a high-speed telephone notification system that can dial up to 60,000 phones an hour and deliver a recorded message. The alerting agencies can use a digital map online to define an area that requires a message, and CodeRED will automatically target all of the phone numbers in that defined area for the emergency message. When the emergency agency initiates the notification, the recorded message is blasted to all the phones in the defined area in a very brief period. Busy numbers will be redialed a preset number of times. CodeRED also has the ability to store predefined lists of names and phone numbers that can be activated for specific notifications. The CodeRED system is voice activated, when a call recipient receives a CodeRED message they should answer the phone as they normally would. The system will automatically detect the difference between a live person and an answering device. Although CodeRED can leave a message on a telephone answering instrument, you may not receive the message because of noise levels on the recorder and the length of the prerecorded message.
  • How does CodeRED determine what phone numbers to dial?  Montgomery County Emergency Communications District [Montgomery County 911], and alerting agencies, have the authority to use confidential 9-1-1 telephone numbers for emergency ENS calls. Listed phone numbers from a commercial database have also been purchased. If you have caller ID, CodeRED will display the number 999-911-9999.
  • Why you may not receive a message?  If a person utilizes cell phones, voice over IP or any other type of service not associated with normal land line telephone service, their phone will not be in the database. If a business has multiple telephone numbers associated with their business they may not be contacted. A privacy manager service will defeat the system.
  • What are some of the uses for CodeRED?  The primary use of CodeRED is to notify village residents of an immediate emergency. It can be used to define an area for evacuation or "shelter in place" notifications for incidents such as a hazardous material spill or a major gas leak. It can also be used to direct residents to a specific TV or Radio station for further important details and instructions. It may alert residents to shelters during weather or power emergencies. CodeRED can also be used to alert a neighborhood to watch for a lost child, an impaired individual who has walked away, or dangerous individuals that may be in the area.
  • Who pays for CodeRED?  The Board of Directors of Montgomery County Communication District have agreed they will be the contracting agency and that Montgomery County Communication District would assume the cost for emergency notifications.
  • Is CodeRED the only means of notification?  No! No Emergency Notification System is 100% reliable. CodeRED cannot reach everyone and is only a part of the notification process. It gives emergency managers another tool to alert the public. Residents are still encouraged to listen to warnings issued through the TV and radio media and NOAA weather radios.
  • Is CodeRED appropriate for all emergency notifications?  No. CodeRED is only one of many tools and has limitations. It does take some time to set up a CodeRED notification and make the calls. Threats in progress, such as a tornado that was just spotted, would not give emergency managers enough time to make a CodeRED notification. Emergencies that occur in a very brief time frame are not good candidates for a CodeRED type of notification. Other options may be more appropriate. Be sure to monitor your Radios and TVs during storms, they provide the most accurate and up to date information available.
CodeRED Notification
* Listen Carefully
* Follow Instructions
* Don't hang up until you hear the whole message
* DO NOT call 9-1-1 unless instructed
Any questions about CodeRED and its operation can be directed to the Montgomery County Emergency Communications District at 936-523-5911
Montgomery County 911 general Information: 911 info


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